The 20 coolest gadgets to buy in 2023

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When it comes to the latest technology, the latest fashionable gadgets catch our eye. We find ourselves wanting them all even if we don’t necessarily need them

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We find ourselves wanting them all even if we don’t necessarily need them… Nevertheless, it’s good to treat ourselves from time to time and in addition some of the best gadgets can really make our lives easier.

In our list of the coolest tech gadgets of 2022, we tried to find devices that meet these requirements.

Whether it’s a new game console (like the Nintendo Switch OLED) or a VR headset (like the Oculus Quest 2), these are the items you’ll tell your friends about or show off when you will receive guests.  It’s the kind of next-gen gadget that early adopters will spend hours or even nights on.

We’ve rounded up the coolest gadgets from brands you know (Apple, Samsung, Anker, and Ring) as well as lesser-known brands you might not know.

How We Picked the Coolest Gadgets

We love gadgets, so it’s no surprise that we spend a lot of time covering the latest in tech. Many of the picks we’ve made below were chosen based on their popularity, things that struck us while covering trade shows, and even our personal experiences. These are devices that we are passionate about because in many cases they bring a number of benefits into our lives.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The first true flagship phone for 2022 is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Armed with all the iterative improvements that make it one of the best smartphones to buy right now, Samsung has brought back the S Pen stylus. This was a much-loved feature of the Galaxy Note series so its return brings back the pen-to-paper experience.

It’s also a beast when it comes to capturing photos and video with its quad camera system, delivering excellent image quality and low-light performance. You’ll have plenty of versatility with this set, as you’ll be able to get really close with its 100x Space Zoom telephoto lens. Is it worth considering whether this gadget is suitable for gaming? Of course yes ! Almost all modern mobile games will be easy to run. As for players, they will be delighted to play casino games at the new online casino .

19.DJI Air 2S

In this intermediate zone between beginners and enthusiasts, the DJI Air 2S is the versatile drone that is the most popular. Thanks to its compact design, you can easily slip it into a backpack for a day trip and capture spectacular aerial footage of your activities. Thanks to its 1 inch CMOS sensor, you will be able to take detailed photos and very sharp 5.4K videos. If you’ve never flown a drone before, the DJI Air 2S is perfect for beginners with its responsive controls, safety features, and reliable video streaming.

18.Ring Alarm Pro

Ring is already a pro in the world of security cameras, but the company made a big splash when it released the Ring Alarm Pro this year, which has everything you need to protect your home from break-ins, weather and emergencies.  The security hub doubles as an Eero Wi-Fi 6 router, allowing you to expand your network coverage by adding additional access points throughout your home. In the event of a power and internet outage, you won’t have to worry as Ring Alarm Pro offers battery backup and internet service.

Samsung Freestyle

Few devices are as original as the Samsung Freestyle, shown off at CES 2022. That’s because it’s more than just a projector. For starters, this is one of the most versatile projectors on the market thanks to its simple operation, with automatic image adjustment and color correction. Just point it and throw it, it couldn’t be easier. Plus, it transforms into a powerful smart speaker powered by Samsung’s Bixby and Amazon Alexa. Add to that a few smart lighting modes and the Samsung Freestyle is a projector like no other before it.

Meta Quest 2

Virtual reality may take a while to have its “iPhone moment”, but it’s always the next big thing for the coolest gadgets. And there’s not a single VR device that shows that promise more than the Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus). Without the need for a powerful computer or special equipment, you can simply strap the Quest 2 to your head, grab the controllers, and move freely through the VR space. This is thanks to its inside-out technology, which uses cameras placed outside the helmet to follow your movements in the space around you.

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