The best gadgets of CES 2023

best gadgets

CES 2022 took place in virtual and face-to-face sessions. In particular, it served as a window on the technology of tomorrow with the presentation of a whole list of innovations.

Like CES 2021, that of 2022 also included face-to-face and virtual events. Innovations have followed one another in all areas from health to household appliances to transport. Here are the main products that stand out at CES 2023.

The best assistive product, 

This voice-activated device fits almost any eyewear. It assists people suffering from eye disease, fatigue or reading disorders. The OrCam MyEye Pro maximizes their autonomy by instantly reading text on any surface. gadgets of CES

This system also recognizes faces . This assistance device transmits visual information by voice in real time and without connection. The person using it must have full control of their head and hand movements.

The best health and fitness tracker

Withings pushes the limits of what a classic connected weighing scale can do. She unveiled the Withings Body Scan , which comes with a whole range of home health monitoring technologies .

This connected scale is equipped with a retractable handlebar which when you hold it, establishes your ECG. The information provided is of medical quality and can be interpreted by a healthcare professional.

It offers other sequential data on body composition and analyzes your nerve activity. This scale looks for signs of nerve degeneration caused by obesity and suggests the appropriate corrective solutions.

The Zephyr Pro mask, an innovation that makes sense in the field of health

Zephyr Pro has a design inspired by the steampunk of gaming products. It combines filters (not N95 level as originally advertised), a dual-fan active air filtration system, and RGB lighting .

This version is a designer mask capable of amplifying your voice by 60 decibels up to a meter away. Have you ever tried to order something with your mask on? Did you have trouble making yourself heard? You will no longer have this problem with the Zephyr Pro, if we are to believe its technical sheet.

You’ll just have to turn off voice amplification when you don’t want to use it.

Best of CES 2023.  Connected Home Appliances: Moen Smart Faucet

The kitchen remains the most popular room in a home, yet it has often been overlooked in connected home technology. This year sees the arrival of Moen’s Smart Faucet. This connected faucet has the usual manual control and three additional methods of control.

It is also controlled by voice via Alexa or Google Assistant , the Moen app and by a contactless motion sensor. Touchless technology also allows for temperature control and water flow using hand movements. You can set an ideal water temperature by default.

Opening with one hand, this elegant

Lenovo emphasizes environmental conservation by opting for materials like recycled aluminum and vegan leather. Its charger is also made of 90% recyclable materials. Even the packaging is 100% recyclable thanks to compostable materials such as bamboo, sugar cane…

The Lenovo ThinkPad Z Series is also one of the first machines to feature AMD’s latest high-performance processor. The Ryzen PRO 6000 Series also presented at CES 2022 provides all the performance of this computer. The 13-inch screen has a resolution of 2.8K while the 16-inch has a resolution of 4K.

The kitchen remains the most popular room in a home, yet it has often been overlooked in connected home technology.

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